Some Leadership Lessons That You Can Learn From Benoit Morin PHSA


Throughout human history, we have witnessed a variety of leaders. Many leaders rise to prominence in society, many remain in power, some fall from grace, and others reach the greatness that will be remembered for decades. What is it about leaders that distinguish them from the rest? If you look at the most frequent characteristics that lead to greatness, you'll see that there are several that change from person to person. Sometimes it’s the ability to understand other people better than anyone else, sometimes it’s talent, hard work, or it could be perseverance. For Benoit Morin PHSA,it is his adaptability. 

Benoit Morin PHSA is a former CEO of the British Columbia Provincial Health Services Authority and a well-known health expert and leader in the field. He is known for his ability to present a unique perspective in the field of healthcare and his association with high-impact organizations during his career. He is also known for making a great contribution to the effective management of resources and preparation for the second wave of COVID in his recent organization. In 2001, Benoit Morin PHSA received his Ph.D. in health ethics from the University of Toronto and afterward concentrated on different forms of public communications whilst pursuing a master's degree in Business Administration at Queens University. Next, what followed was a CEO's leadership program from the Quebec Ministry of Health.

Benoit Morin PHSA has always been focused on the development of the healthcare sector in his long career of 20 years where he worked in multiple important positions. This included important offices in business management, policy implementation, and research in various sectors. He was the President and Chief Executive Officer for 4 years in Montreal West Island Health Care System. He also worked in the same position of CEO at the Provincial Health Service Authority (PHSA) for 2 years during the time of the first and second COVID waves. During his association with these organizations, he has set an example of the way forward we can go as a society to achieve our common goals of betterment in the health sector.

Benoit Morin PHSA has faced multiple obstacles during his career and has emerged as a leader who adapted to the circumstances all the time. Adaptability, he says, is a characteristic that comes with experience. Being a visionary has its advantages. However, it is always beneficial to keep an eye on the present and deal with situations as they arise.


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