Benoit Morin: Inspiring People to Turn Adversity into Opportunity


If you ever come across misfortunes in life, you can either keep complaining about it or make the change you want to see. Life is indeed all about choices. No adversity really makes usunfortunate; it is our reaction to it that stagnates us. And if you really set out to make big changes, you tend to forget if it is tough or easy, it is just your goal that drives you. This has been exemplified by Benoit Morin. He has strived to create Benoit Morin Health Framework (Benoit Morin Cadre de santé). But the story behind it is full of pain and emotional trauma.

Benoit Morin had an ordinary childhood just like anyone else. He would play with his cousins and spend time at his uncle’s farm. Growing up, music became a big part of his life. He went on to explore career opportunities just like any other young adult. But then came the turning point. Almost 30 years ago, his father fell into the hands of a physician who wanted to keep him on experimental medication. He strongly reacted, but it was too late. His father died after enduring excruciating pain for 11 days. This was the toughest thing Benoit Morin could ever come across as a child. But he decided to never give up and instead use it as an opportunity to make changes in the healthcare system. He set out to establish Benoit Morin Health Framework (Benoit Morin Cadre de santé).

He set out to learn everything about health ethics pursuing professional courses. Doing this, he was determined to mitigate the challenges the healthcare system faces. His strong will led to the creation of Benoit Morin Health Framework (Benoit Morin Cadre de santé). His father’s mistreatment of bone cancer pushed him to death and that completely transformed him as a person. He is a living testimony of mental toughness. With the help of Benoit Morin Health Framework (Benoit Morin Cadre de santé), he strives to provide all the facilities to the patients which could have saved his father’s life.

Starting anything from scratch could be tough but it is not impossible. When Benoit Morin started, this was the first time he was studying health ethics. But his father’s death was his biggest motivation and that made him strive harder. After completing numerous professional courses, he set out work on Benoit Morin Health Framework (Benoit Morin Cadre de santé). His story could be your reason to become more perseverant the next time you come across challenges.


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